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Freedom Of Mind


Freedom of Mind is the UK's first mental wellness festival, taking place all across Bristol during 2 weeks in September - October 2016. It aims to communicate an inclusive, positive view of mental health and to encourage conversation on how we can improve our mental wellbeing. It is being organised and run exclusively by volunteers.

In order to realise their vision of the festival, the organisers needed an online platform for providing information on the festival to potential visitors, sponsors and volunteers; for raising awareness of the festival's themes; and to publicise and tie in with their social media presence. They also needed to establish a clear brand for the festival.


The festival's logo was chosen to be a silhouetted androgynous face in profile, with the festival's name contained inside the silhouette, and featured stylised, colourful brain regions. The central region was shaped into a speech bubble, conveying the festival's desire to promote discussion around mental well-being, with the diverse range of colours representing how mental well-being is critical for people of all ages, professions, and backgrounds.


A triad colour scheme was used, with the addition of the base colour's complementary colour. This colourful palette was used to express diversity, be eye-catching, and appeal to young people. Blue, the base colour, was chosen for its association with calm and tranquillity.

The typeface Moon Bold was used for the festival name at the organisers' request, and was paired with Robota Condensed for body text.

Website Functionality


The organisers wished to use the website to communicate news relating to the festival. They wanted to publish both subject interest blog posts as well as more practical announcements relating to the festival programme, with the two being separate from one another.

A 'News' page was created which aggregated the latest posts of each type, with users being able to subsequently view more posts of either type and filter them based on category or month posted.

Calendar & Ticketing

They also wanted an events calendar to display the upcoming festival events.

A calendar with multiple view and search options was incorporated, which was tied in with links to buy tickets. An additional 'Tickets' page was created, which listed all of the events for which tickets were being sold, and contained links to purchase the relevant tickets.

Integration with Social Media

Links to the festival's social media accounts were included in prominent and relevant places along with a newsletter sign-up form, which was integrated with the festival's MailChimp campaign. A volunteer sign-up form was also embedded into the site.

Share links were added for blog posts, with the website designed to generate eye-catching Facebook and Twitter previews.

Banner graphics were created for the website's front page, as well as for the different social media accounts.

Website Accessibility

The festival's website needed to be accessible and easy to use, particularly for users who might be in a poor mental state, whether on a desktop computer or on a mobile device.

This was achieved through a responsive design which included ample whitespace, used sufficient contrast ratios between text and background colours as defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, used clear top-level and in-page navigation, and presented content on the page in a logical and consistent way.

"I really enjoyed working with Chris on our website design. He was prompt to meetings and kept to time during them. Even doing this he was able to achieve everything planned during meetings and would come prepared with an agenda and clear idea of what needed to be done, even if I wasn't sure myself!

We were given realistic time frames and honest responses to queries or what we asked of him. He was very good at accepting our views on alternative designs and took all feedback into consideration.

He was thoughtful and creative in finding solutions to any problems we had and this has made our website more fun and engaging than it might otherwise have been. Since we have launched our website we have received lots of compliments on how clean, easy to use and professional it appears."

Katie Finch, Freedom of Mind Organiser