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Conker Events


Conker Events is a newly established event management company based in London.

With a brand established and an existing client base in the charity sector, the company wanted a professional website designed in order to widen its market, including to potential clients looking to organise corporate events, weddings, and parties.

It wanted to use the website to communicate the company's background and the services which it offers, to display images and testimonials from past events, and to provide a way for potential clients to get in touch. It also wanted to include a blog and links to its social media accounts.

Website Design

As the company had numerous vibrant photos from its events, a light, achromatic colour scheme was chosen for the website in order to make the images pop.

In addition, an elegant, responsive and minimalistic design was created which placed photos centre-stage. This allowed the company's expertise and creativity to be communicated in a very striking and visual way.

A full-page image slideshow was used for the front page to grab the viewer's attention and give them a taste of the company's artistry straight away. Throughout the rest of the site, images played a central role in each page's content, from the full-width image header to the service links overlaid on images.


Subtle interactive elements were incorporated into the website to make it more engaging for the user and more intuitive to navigate.

The header on each page collapses on scrolling down, providing the same navigation at any position in the page without distracting the user from reading the content on the page.

On mobile, a full-screen navigation menu can be revealed and hidden via a menu button in the header, in keeping with the immersive feel of the rest of the site.

In addition, hovering over a link magnifies that link. A full-screen lightbox was also incorporated into the website's main photo gallery.


The website was built to be customised. The company is able to add to and alter the visual style of the website as it grows by changing many of the images used in the site's design, including the header image and the slideshow on the front page.

The blog provides the company with an ideal platform for posting regular news updates, with social media share links integrated into each post.

New page content and even new pages can be easily created, with several layout options available for displaying images.

Finally, additional gallery images and testimonials can be added at will, with the website automatically displaying only the newest items to reduce page clutter.

Chris has a professional but personable manner which means that he is a delight to work with. Nothing is too much hassle for him and he is always willing to go above and beyond. He has got a brilliant, intuitive eye for design and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Jessica Helyar, Director of Conker Events

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