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Lauren Coutts, known by her stage name Azura, is a musician new to the indie electronic scene who writes and sings evocative, dream-like pieces inspired by her unique perception of the world and her own personal journey.

Featured on Triple J Unearthed and in the process of writing her first EP, Lauren was in need of her own brand to take her music career to the next level.


Based on the 3 songs Lauren has currently uploaded to Soundcloud - Midnight, Nineteen and Smoke - I brainstormed the key themes surrounding each song before selecting the concepts the most central to Lauren's sound. I then created a moodboard guided by these themes and by relevant design trends.

Key Themes

  • Glimpses of a mysterious & personal journey
  • Sense of flow, progression and movement
  • Introspection

Final Design

The final design was created as a hand-drawn logotype.

The "A" mark was composed of an open-ended arrow with a large diamond shape replacing the bar of the letterform. The diamond shape was chosen to reflect the precious and introspective nature of the songs; the beauty of a diamond jewel lies not in its outer layer, but rather in the interior defects which sparkle and shine through, much like how Lauren's personal journey is transformed into something beautiful through her music. Furthermore, by replacing the bar of the A, it makes the letterform look more akin to a symbol. This added complexity gives the impression that the shape's meaning is deeper than what is first apparent.

Each of the other letters is a simple, hand-drawn letterform. Inside each letterform is a single line path, with a diamond at the start and end of each path. These interior paths and their rises and falls transform the letter into a journey from start to finish, just as each song takes the listener on a journey through Lauren's eyes. Furthermore, no two paths are the same shape. This reflects the unique nature of each memory, emotion, or experience communicated in each piece - no two songs are alike. All of the logo's detailing is contained within these letterforms, highlighting the introspective nature of the themes surrounding the music.

EP Cover art

Concert visual backdrop


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