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Asclepius Tutoring


Asclepius Tutoring is an organisation which helps aspiring medics between the ages of 15 - 18 to successfully prepare for, enter, and settle into medical school.

It offers a wide range of tutoring and mentoring services, both in person and via an online platform, which are affordably priced in order to make them available to students who would otherwise be disadvantaged.

The director wanted a clean, professional, and well-organised website to inform interested parents of the services which his organisation offers and to provide a means of contacting him.


The mark's design incorporates a laurel wreath, a symbol of victory and academic success, as well as two figures, communicating the personal, 1-to-1 support which the company offers to students.

A monochromatic colour scheme was agreed upon, using a slight variation of cobalt blue as the base colour. The colour's association with intelligence, trust, and communication fitted the company's values well.

Finally, Carrois Gothic in uppercase was used for the company's name in its logo, with PT Sans used for body text and headings.


Asclepius Tutoring's website was to be aimed towards parents with a schoolchild who is interested in pursuing Medicine at university.

The director had lots of text to include and few images. Therefore, it was imperative that the information was well-organised, easy-to-read, and presented in a visually pleasing way so as not to overwhelm the visitor.

To achieve this, the content was categorised into 3 different pages, with a home page offering a concise summary of each of these 3 pages and with clear in-page navigation to help users navigate to the information they sought. A lead sentence panel was incorporated at the top of the page to provide a one-line description of the page's content, to allow users to quickly see if they were in the right place.

Each page was further separated out into section panels, using large headings and icon glyphs to enable the user to quickly find what they are looking for.

A flexible, responsive grid system was created which allows up to 3 columns of text to be displayed side-by-side, and which adapts to different screen sizes to always keep each line of text between 50 - 80 characters long for optimum readability. This not only made the website more accessible, but added visual variation to the passages of text on the page. A responsive graphical timeline of the company's services was also created for the homepage.

"Chris built a website for my tutoring agency and was exceptionally helpful all of the way through the project. I am delighted with the end result, it is far better than I ever envisaged and it has really allowed me to advertise the agency with confidence. He was attentive to my needs and has built an elegant design which is easy to navigate and looks professional."

Hamish Miller, Director of Asclepius Tutoring

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