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Our Range of Services

Our range of services

At Asclepius, we split becoming a medical student into 6 main parts. Most people are aware that strongs results are required for medicine but particularly application preparation and transition to medical school can be neglected.

The sections below outline how we approach each step of the process.

1GCSE Tutoring

In terms of the medical application, a strong set of GCSE results is an important first step. We cover all of the Sciences and Maths but are also able to cover various other subjects.

  • Good results required
  • Coping with exam pressure
  • Specialised subject tuition

2Application Preparation

This can be split into three main stages: Medical CV building, aptitude test preparation (UKCAT and BMAT) and interview preparation.

Particularly building the medical CV needs to start as early as possible and it can be notoriously difficult to find relevant experience. Work experience is useful in determining whether medicine is the correct choice but Asclepius is able to offer further advice as to what being a medical student is about.

3Aptitude Test Tutoring

The two main aptitude tests for medicine are the BMAT and the UKCAT. Only certain universities require the BMAT whereas almost all require the UKCAT. Both exams are tough and require adequate preparation.

At Asclepius we have combined the knowledge of our tutors and come up with a framework for approaching these exams which we are confident will give the best chance for success. .

  • BMAT
  • Exam technique

4Interview Preparation

It's possible that students will never have had an interview before their medical school interview. `Looking back, there are many things that we feel that we wish we had known and we could have come across as much more informed in our interviews.

We offer our students multiple interviews with different experienced tutors and give detailed feedback on how they might like to improve.We have access to both doctors and students who actually carry out interviews, in addition to our own experiences.

  • Multiple interviews
  • Detailed feedback
  • Relevant preparation advice

5A-level Tutoring

A strong set of A levels in relevant subjects are required to get into medical school. Different universities like different combinations of subjects so it is importnant not to close down your options by choosing the wrong subjects.

We make sure the student is as prepared as possible fo these exams.We emphasise the need for the correct revision techniques, ones that can be used later in education at medical school. This means highlighting the importance of understanding as compared to memorising.


  • Choosing the correct subjects
  • Achieving your offer
  • Understanding not memorising

6Transition into Medical School

The step up from school to studying medicine at university is huge. There is much more independence at university and more of an emphasis on the student deciding how much work they need to do.

We feel that it would have been very useful to have a mentor to take us through the early periods. These mentors would be able to set up good learning techniques from the start and help the student understand what they will need to know in order to pass their exams and also what is relevant for their clinical years

  • Independent learning
  • Mentoring
  • Relevant information for clinical years
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