We help students achieve their full potential

About the company

The company was set up in February 2016 so we are still very young. It is based on a simple idea of providing high quality tutoring at an affordable price.

We are an enthusiastic group who believe that we have the skills to make ourselves extremely useful to aspiring medical students.

About Hamish

Hamish decided to set up Asclepius Tutoring as a result of his own experiences with teaching and at medical school. His aim is to help students negotiate a difficult time in their academic lives. He has around 500 hours of tutoring experience during his time at medical school and has developed a keen interest in education.

About our tutors

Asclepius employs tutors who are professional and demonstrate a passion for the subjects that they teach.

We continually reassess out tutors and each one has to go through a interview and training session to make sure they are of the desired standard.

Our tutors also have many other interests outside medicine. We hope that this makes them not only strong academics and tutors, but also well rounded individuals who can relate to the pupils that they are teaching. If possible, we aim to match a tutee with a tutor who has similar extra curricular interests.

In addition to our medical student tutors, we also have tutors who are degree level in many subjects. They are vital to the structure of the organisation particularly for the A2 level tutoring as a further understanding of the subject is often helpful. Medical students tend to be strongest at Biology and Chemistry but we recognise that for medicine we need to be able to cover all the necessary subjects, hence employing people from other degrees to supplement this.