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We are a group of medical students who understand the difficult process of getting into and coping with medical school. We believe that we can make a huge difference in strengthening a student’s application and also providing them with the necessary techniques to thrive at medical school.

We are an experienced enthusiastic group of tutors who understand the difficulties of university, each of whom has a training session with Asclepius before they start work with a client.

We all believe that there were things that we wish we’d known before applying to medical school which would have helped us make tricky decisions and none of us felt that we had the relevant support from our schools.

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We cover individual aspects of the medical application or the entire process depending on the needs of the student. The real aim is to support the tutee through to their earlier stages of medical school and give them the best chance to succeed.

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Please get in touch below with any request regarding the medical school application and we will match the student to one of our brilliant tutors.

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